In constant pursuit of proximity measurement of magnetic flux using the world's smallest probe

テスラメーター/ガウスメーター TM-4702

Standard type probe FC-150

  • Flat type
  • width 1.5 mm × thickness 1.2 mm
・FC-1506 flat type width 1.5 mm × thickness 0.6 mm
・FC-300 flat type width 3.0 mm × thickness 1.8 mm
・AC-156 axial type φ 6-axial direction type
・AC-153 axial type φ 3-axial direction type

Ultra fine probe FC-075

Probes suitable for magnetic flux measurement at narrow gaps and magnetic flux measurement of small diameter magnets which could not be realized so far
  • width 0.6 mm × thickness 0.28 mm × tip 18 mm

・FC-075 width 0.6mm × thickness 0.28mm × tip 18mm
・FC-075L width 0.6mm × thickness 0.28mm × tip 50mm long

Standard type probe 3DP-1315

3DP-1315 probe for the world 's smallest ultra-fine 3-axis probe is the world' s smallest size with a width 1.3 mm × thickness 1.5 mm. Extra air gap is not generated even in inner diameter measurement of multipolar magnetization and small magnet, so magnetic flux analysis at the point to be measured becomes possible. The length is designed with a long size of 35mm. It is an ideal size for magnet measurements for a certain length.
  • width 1.3mm × thickness 1.5mm × length 35mm
*The specification and the exterior might be changed without notice.