Message from the CEO・Our basic policy

Professional engineering for magnetizing technology!
Providing the "Only One Technology" to the world.

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CEO of DMT Co., Ltd
After graduating from a local industrial high school, he became a technical advisor for Samsung, via working for the Shinano Tokki. In 1990, he established DMT company and became the company's president. He also works for patent firms in Tokyo as an advisor, business consultant, and lecturer. His hobbies are music and fishing.
"Since we have just one life, I always go all-out to create what I envision. I established my own company to spread this philosophy. So, I'm trying my best every day," said Mr.---, the CEO of DMT Co., Ltd
In his high school days, when he was 16 years old, he had a traffic accident on his motor bike. He was caught under a large track and received 125 stitches for his wounds. But he miraculously survived. This was the crossroad in his life.
After graduating from high school, he got a job as a motor maker. But when he was 24 years old, he left the company and started his own business to pursue his enthusiasm for creative andevours. In October 1990, he established the DMT company.
Taking advantage of the technology which he learned as a motor maker, he has been trying to design and manufacture measurement devices and magnetizing technology, which contributes to the improvement of the motor characteristics, from the user point of view.
"Since I used to design motors, I have been pursuing products and magnetizing yoke technology, which fulfills the customers' needs with regards to motor characteristics," said Mr.---.
He was born and grew up by Lake Suwa in Nagano. His company is also located in the same area, where many electronic, electronic parts, and precision instrument enterprises are located. The company has developed as a leader in its field while the technology race has intensified.
Magnetizing means to give magnetism to motors, which requires high accuracy, until they become saturated and create a magnetic field in the coils in/out of the motor and the magnets. Since highly accurate rotations are made available by the tips of the magnetic pole shape, cogging torque and noise will be decreased.
Magnetizing coils can be magnetized on the N pole and the S pole. On the other hand, magnetizing yokes can produce various magnetizing patterns by creating a magnetic circuit with coils and a special material which has high magnetic permeability and a saturated magnetic-flux density. Also, the the magnetizing ripple analysis system, which analyzes the magnetic-flux ripple, amount of magnetic-flux on each pole, magnetizing angles, and the magnetizing area by measuring the magnetic-flux distribution automatically, occupies a top-class level in the industry.
We also contribute to society through professional magnetizing technology engineering. We have participated in ODA (Official Development Assistance) and research and development of superconducting bearings technology for flywheels with a project by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization).
"Since we started only with technology at our disposal, we would like to present our own unique products to the world," said Mr.---. As a professional technology engineering firm, they will continue to play their part in the Japanese manufacturing industry.
< From "Nikko Forum, July 2004 issue >

Our Basic Policy for the Environment

We think the conservation of the environment is one of the most important tasks for all creatures who inhabit the Earth. Therefore, we always try torespect the natural environment, and make a conscious act of considering the influence to the environment to protect the future of our children who will take their part in creating the future.
  • ISO14001We gained an ISO14001 certification.
  • All our commercial vehicles are hybrid cars
  • Solar power generation systems in our company (5kw)
  • Using LED light in the office
  • Promoting "the small environmental action." (cleaning the local river side area)

About DMT Co., Ltd.

Trade Name
DMT Co., Ltd
  • Head office appearance
    Nagano Head Office
    5710-2 Katagiri, Nakakgawa-mura, Kami Ina-gun, NAGANO,
    Phone: 0265-88-4700 (switchboard)
    FAX: 0265-88-4701
  • Tokyo Satellite Office
    DUPLEX Tower, 1-9-2, Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, TOKYO
  • Atami Satellite Office
    ”Atami Cliffside”1-5 Kaikocho, Atami City, SHIZUOKA 〒413-0003
10 million yen
Description of Business
  • DiMoTion Division (Nagano HQ・Tokyo Satellite Office・Atami Satellite Office)
    Designing and manufacturing of magnetizers and the related devices.
    Designing and manufacturing of Magnetic-flux Measurement Devices.
    Designing and manufacturing of Applied Magnetizing Devices.
    Designing and manufacturing of Energy Saving Devices.
  • I-net Division (Nagano HQ・Tokyo Satellite Office・Atami Satellite Office)
    Producing sound and images for TV CM and radio CM.
    Producing TV and radio programs and broadcasting agency.
    Producing promotional videos for company guides or product introduction.
    Producing web pages and advertisements.


In April, 2022
Atami satellite office relocation.
In September, 2020
We established a Atami Satellite Office.
In September, 2018
We were granted a patent for the Carry Cart.
In August, 2017
I enlarge a headquaters factory .
In April,2015
Change all sals vehicles to hybrid cars.
In September, 2013
I enlarge a headquaters factory and found Insulation room(99.17㎡).
In September, 2012
We were granted a patent for the Magnetizing Power Supply.
We were granted a patent for Magnetizing Detection Probe.
In December, 2011
We established a Tokyo Satellite Office.
In September, 2009
We further extended our main factory.
In August, 2007
Our factory now has with solar energy generating system(5Kw).
In August, 2006
We extended our main factory.
In August, 2001
We were granted a patent for the Magnet Analysis Device
In March, 2001
We gained "ISO14001," the environmental management system.
In December, 2000
We conducted an Entity Conversion and became DMT Co., Ltd.
In August, 2000
We began using a wire cut electric spark machine in the company.
In May, 2000
We got a patent for a method of detecting magnetization.
In November, 1999
We set up the "analysis room," to improve t motor characteristics with magnetizing technology.
In February, 1999
We participated ODA (Official Development Assistance) in Malaysia.
In March, 1998
We increased our capital to 10 million yen.
In January, 1998
We developed the Magnet Analyzer MAD-300.
We functionalized the industry's first Skew Angle Measurement. patented
In October, 1996
We developed Magnet Analyzer MAD-200.
We conducted the industry's first frequency analysis of magnetizing waves. patented
In July, 1996
The main office was moved to the current place, Nakagawa in Kamiina-gun.
In April, 1991
The company carried out an Entity Conversion and became DMT Limited.
In October, 1990
DMT was established at 9-3, Kamihonami, Komagane-shi, NAGANO

Equipment in the Analysis Room

Equipment in the Analysis RoomWe set up the Analysis Room to improve the motor characteristics with magnetizing technology. We can conduct the analysis of noise by a noise level meter, a sound proof box, and a spectrum analyzer (FFT). Analysis of cogging Torque and Torque ripple will be done by a Torque Gauge and a Back EMF measuring instrument. Also, the magnet analyzer can analyze the surface magnetic-flux ripple simultaneously with the magnetizing experiments. After a continually consultation with a customer, we can begin an analysis immediately. It is our goal to improve the motor characteristics.