Magnetizing Power Supply / The extreme accuracy and stability

  • This is a magnetizing power supply which can be used even in areas (countries) with an unstable electricity supply.
  • The accuracy of the repeating magnetizing voltage enhances our reputation for top-class quality in the industry.
  • We confirm the peak value, the time of electrification, and the electrical current area by using an impulse meter (a highly accurate magnetizing ammeter) before we ship out the products.

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Magnetizing Power Supply MZ-2510-3B


  • A stable magnetizing power supply
  • Accurate repeated charging voltage
  • Low impedance model (if it is 1,000μF and lower)
  • We adopted liquid crystal touch panels for all the models.
  • Magnetizing voltage memory: 5 patterns maximum.
  • Internal power comparator
  • The amount of condenser can be switched

Control Panel

The control panel has a very good operability, settings, controllability, error messages.
Control Panel

Magnetizing Power Ripple

The low impedance magnetizing power supply is effective to decrease the burden of magnetizing yokes.Magnetizing Power Ripple
We also create magnetizing power supplies which meet the customers' needs. (charging voltage, amount of condenser, the maximum permissible out put current)
*The specification and the exterior might be changed without notice.
Explanation of the mode
*The specification and the exterior might be changed without notice.